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Library Policies


The Central School library has approximately 16,323 books in 12,914 titles.  New books are added to the collection each year, and are selected for several reasons, including themes which support the curriculum, award-winning fiction titles, and books for use with the Accelerated Reader program.


Library rules are:

  1. Walk in the library.
    2. Whisper to your neighbor.
    3. Listen quietly during lesson and story time.
    4. Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.
    5. All lines are silent; entry line, checkout line, and exit line.

Central School Library Circulation Policy

Student Circulation Policy

  1. Books may be checked out to students for a seven-day period and are renewable unless requested by a teacher. Students may also check out 30 minutes before and after school.  Books may be returned anytime during the day.

Grades                      Number of items to check out

K & 1st                                                 1

2nd – 4th                                              up to 2

5th – 8th                                               up to 3


  1. Fines may not be charged for overdue books/items

Overdue books/items

  1. No student is allowed to check out items when he/she has overdue items checked out. Overdue slips are sent out periodically.

Lost or damaged books/items

  1. No student is allowed to check out items when he/she has lost an item.
    Lost item letters will be sent home for items that have been checked out over a month.
  2. If a student loses an item or an item is damaged beyond repair, he/she
         must pay for that item.  He/she will not be allowed to check out another
          item is paid for.

 Replacement of Lost or Damaged Items

  1. A lost or damaged item can be replaced in on of the following:
  2. Pay the purchase price o the item ( No items will cost less than $10.00 to replace)
  3. Pay to have the damages book rebound, if the remainder of the book is suitable for circulation. (No book can be rebound for less than $8.00)

 Student Video Circulation

  1. Students may not check out video, it is against the copyright policy.

Student Audio Book Collection

  1. Audio books may by checked out by students.

If audio books are checked out, 5th –8th grade students only*, they should be checked out with the printed book.

The price of the audio book is listed on the container and the computer system.  The container of the audio book is $5.00 if not returned.*

Student Magazine Circulation

  1. Magazines may be checked out by students.
    If magazines are checked out, they must be returned to the library before the school day is completed.
    The price of the magazine is listed on the magazine and in the computer system.

 Lost/Damaged Item: End of the Year

  1. All library items must be returned or paid for before the end of the school year. If items are not returned the student’s report card will be helduntil the items have been returned or paid for.

 Reference books/material

  1. Reference book/material are to be used in the library. Students may not check out reference    
    book/material.  Reference book/material is noted by a red dot.  Only a Faculty member may     
    check out reference book/material.

 Replacement of lost/damaged items

  1. The library will not automatically replace all materials withdrawn from the collection due to loss, damage or wear. Decisions to replace an item will be based on the following considerations:
  2. Demand or a specific title to support the curriculum
  3. Number of copies held
  4. Existing coverage of the subject within the collection
  5. Availability of newer and better materials on the subject.